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Funeral and Memorial Ceremonies

Creating a funeral or memorial ceremony that honors and respects your Loved One during your time of grief and loss can be an overwhelming task.  Time seems to stand still and thought comes in waves as you process what the loss of this life means to you and to others around you. Some come to the threshold of this transition prepared with ideas and actions that affirm the essence of life, while others may be too confused or overwhelmed by grief to know what path to take.

Stacy says, “As a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant®, I wish to assist every family in honoring the voice of love that speaks to you during this time of loss so that you can feel comfort and grace in the knowledge that you have provided a Ceremony for your loved one that honors the essence of the life they lived and the gifts their life has brought to you.”

Generally a Funeral Service must be planned in less than 72 hours (3 days) and a Celebrant planned Ceremony consists of a minimum of 20 hours of interviews, research, and writing.  Please contact the Celebrant as quickly as possible during your time of need to ensure availability and enough time for planning.  For a memorial service there may be more time between the actual death of your Loved One and the scheduled service, however, it is still important that you contact the Celebrant as soon as you know of your need for the memorial. 

Life-Cycle Celebrant® Stacy Mitchell is also happy to discuss with you the pre-planning of your own services for those who would like to ensure they receive the funeral or memorial ceremony they desire without burdening their surviving Loved Ones with these decisions at the time of loss.   If you are someone who is interested in open discussions of death and related issues, you may be interested in joining our meetup group SLO Death!


Stacy is a proud member of the National Home Funeral Alliance (NHFA) and is pleased to have attended the 2015 NHFA Conference in Los Gatos,CA.  Stacy is an advocate for family directed funerals, home funerals, and green burial options.  Please feel free to connect with her about these issues  She is happy to serve as a Celebrant or an End-of-Life Guide (Death Midwife) for anyone who is looking to experience a conscious death. Stacy is also available as a public speaker to present information to groups or organizations on these subjects.

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