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Ceremonies of Transition

Many events occur in our lives that we wish to honor either publicly or privately.  Life-Cycle Celebrant® Stacy Mitchell is available to discuss with you any idea you may have to create a Ceremony that will honor the voice that speaks to you.  Perhaps there is an event for a civic organization, a business opening or closing, or an awards/achievements ceremony that you would like to bring your passion and mindfulness to in a way that is not usually considered in American society. 

Organizations of all types are similar to extended families.  In fact, we often spend more time in our week with those unrelated to us than we do with our immediate family.  Because of this, when an organization undergoes a transition (whether positive or negative in nature) each member of the group is impacted by this change.  Creating a ceremony that recognizes the effect of the transition your group is experiencing is an important aspect of our lives that is often over-looked.

Some transitional moments in civic life that you might wish to consider honoring with a ceremony:

Business Opening or Closing
Retirement from Your Place of Employment
Job Downsizing or Transition
Death of an Employee, Employer, Classmate, or Teacher
Awards & Achievements for Your Organization
Military Homecomings
Public Vigils for Healing & Hope
Fundraising & Other Charitable Organization Events

If you would like to discuss the possibilities for honoring a time of transition in your organization or your personal life, please call or email Stacy to discuss your needs.

Due to the wide-ranging nature of these types of ceremonial events, it is not possible to post a Rate Schedule.  Please call or email to schedule your FREE in-person consultation and I will provide a quote tailored to your specific event at the time of our meeting.



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